Friday, January 11, 2008

Can we be good without God?

Yes, of course we can. Can holding supernatural beliefs and basing your worldview on the cosmology of nomadic shepherds lead people to rationalize and do awful things?


To any Christians who may be reading this blog: When atheists start murdering their children because they are possessed by the demons of a competing idea of Cephalopod speciation, come talk to me about morality. Until than, get your own damn house in order.


Distun said...

You are right. Some people can go without any religious believes. But as a society we need it. Its the one thing most loved and hated. In some places it will make them stronger and other places it will destroy them.

Im not a religious man but I know people who are alone and unhappy needs it above anything else.

So Can we be without God? You can. Someone thats unhappy, cant.

Just Another Atheist said...

But, in a similar vane, some people can't be happy with God. The utility of something is not a measure of it's truth value. And besides, just as you can use religion to make people good, you can also use it to make people bad. Someone once said that without religion, good people will do good and bad people will do bad, but only with religion can you get good people to do bad.

Distun said...

Hehe. This is true. But good people will do bad things aslong they think its good. No mather if you believe in something or not.

Besides everything we know is built on religion. If we didnt have something to guide us on the "right path". We could all be stuck in a loop of greed. And I think in some places it would be very hard to get just something as simple as food. If world leaders didnt believe in God or someone else.

Distun said...

Im sorry for my bad english.