Friday, December 7, 2007

Fuck Mitt Romney

"Freedom requires religion just as religion requires freedom. " Mitt Romney

Fuck you, Mitt.

You know, I don't even think I'm going to call you Mitt. I'm going to call you Love Glove Romney from now on, because it took some balls to lube up that monster and shove it down the collective assholes of America.

You pandering, sanctimonious prick. Fuck you.

Tell that to the Cathars. The "witches of Salem." Tell that to Galileo. Tell that to the Saudi girl who's going to be lashed because she was raped. Tell that to the untold millions of girls who will be imprisoned by the disease called HPV because of religion. Tell that to women afraid to wear pants and women who can not remove their fucking hijab without being shot. Tell that to the Amalekite children murdered on one people's march to their promised land. Tell that to Innocent people in Jerusalem riding a bus to work. Tell that to the three thousand Americans who died on September 11th. Fuck you, Mitt Romney.

I'm sorry for the language. I'm drunk and I'm pissed.

It's just this pandering arrogance I can't stand. This slick haired two faced fucktard has been lying and talking out of both his mouth and his sacred underwear covered ass for the last year or so. Well folks, if your persuaded by this kind of shameless pandering, fuck you as well. Fuck the evangelicals who wanted to hear this message and the voter who may change his vote based on it.

Freedom from religion is the ability to not be murdered for eating shellfish. To not be stoned to death for being a spoiled brat of a kid. To be able to dress like you want, eat what you like and say whatever the fuck you want. It would mean the freedom to move around Kashmir or Kosovo or Northern Ireland or Jerusalem or the Sudan. The freedom to draw a cartoon or name a teddy bear. The freedom to blaspheme. The freedom to fuck! Freedom from religion is the ability to have a functioning fucking brain.

I need to stop now. My blood is boiling.

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